What Makes EZ-CAMP2 Unique

EZ-CAMP2's flexibility makes it easy to modify screens, fields, and reports to your specific needs – no other program offers this level of customization. Combined with our cost effective, integrated and modular design, there's no better value anywhere.

Improve parent communication and enhance parent satisfaction!
All records and data are up-to-date and instantly accessible.

EZ-CAMP2 is designed to help you and your camp be more productive by fully integrating all segments of camp administration. Whether you are enrolling Campers, billing and processing fees, scheduling staff, tracking or recording attendance, or managing finances, the information you need is at your fingertips!

  • Ensures everyone is working with the latest data
  • Eliminates multiple databases
Best Camp Software

EZ-CAMP2's modular design allows you to purchase only the features you need, and add other capabilities when and if you choose. With our support program, automatic product updates ensure you'll have the latest features and technology available.

Customized Camp Software

Modeled after the structure of a camp office, EZ-CAMP2 software uses familiar recordkeeping concepts such as Folders & Tabs, Drawers and File Cabinets to organize your information. Icon-based buttons put all your camp data just a mouse-click away!

  • Tabs provide one-click access to screens
  • Add photos of Campers, staff, parents, authorized pickups.
Camp Management Software

Truly custom screens, fields and information!
Easily changed and updated at any time!
Organized according to your exact needs!

Your EZ-CAMP2 system comes to you already set up to match your forms, procedures and terminology. As your needs change, you can easily add or alter screens and fields, as these examples illustrate.

When other camp software products claim to be flexible, they generally mean they have a few user fields with no preset purpose.

    With EZ-CAMP2, you can:

  • Easily add, rename, move, change or delete ANY field. This makes it easy to organize screens to match your Camp's paper forms.
  • Create fields with the right name, length, and data validation.
  • Speed data entry by organizing screens to match your paper forms.
Modify Camp Software

Simplify and coordinate the management of multiple locations.

Access your data anywhere, anytime, and let us handle your IT infrastructure and backups. This is great for allowing multiple users to access your database from different locations.

Software for Large Camp Programs

Connect to EZ-CAMP2 anytime, anywhere!

Access EZ-CAMP2 remotely without having to install and manage your own remote access infrastructure. We can host your system on our secure servers. All you need is a broadband Internet connection.

With our subscription-based pricing model, you'll have a cost effective solution for using EZ-CAMP2 in a web-based environment. If your needs change, you'll still have use of the installed software (web-based systems can't offer this!)

  • Browser-based access to your EZ-CAMP2 system.
  • Automatic server backups, virus protection and system updates & administration.
  • Connects remote and home offices as well as off-site staff for centralized data management.
  • 100% compatibility with EZ-CAMP2 – no need for re-training.
  • Online Camp Software

Client Testimonial

"Love, love, love EZ-Camp2's customer support! Wonderful product but the customer support is what really makes this superior. They are always asking for suggestions from users and upgrade often to make it easier for us to use. I highly recommend this product and staff!"

-Faith Gardner, Executive Assistant,
Amigo Centre