Billing & Payment Processing

EZ-CAMP2's Camp accounts receivable features provide complete fee management. You can automate time consuming tasks, reduce expenses and capture missed revenue!

Calculate and post fees accurately in minutes.

EZ-CAMP2 saves you time collecting fees and provides convenient options for your parents. Print or email invoices with the click of a button! Integrated credit card/electronic check processing, online payments and even no-hassle automatic preauthorized collection are available. EZ-CAMP2 also provides easy-to-use reports to manage and analyze camp revenues.

  • Automatically apply recurring fees that can be different for every camper.
  • Handle even the most complex rate fees.
  • Ledger maintains a complete history of family charges, deposits and payments.
  • Quickly sort and view all account information from one user-friendly screen.
  • Cash receipts module makes it quick and easy to enter payments, print receipts, and even view recent charges.
  • Validate deposit totals before posting to ledgers and printing deposit slips.
  • Identify and collect overdue receivables more effectively.
  • Automatically post late fees.
  • Produce invoices, receipts, aging reports, bank deposit slips, year-end tax statements and other reports.
  • Manage security deposits and third-party payers.
  • Complete transaction audit trail.

Insta-Charge provides fully integrated credit card processing or ACH bank debit for one-time tuition payments directly from within EZ-CAMP2.

Camp Payment Processing

Learn more about Insta-Charge

Online tuition payment saves time and effort for both you and parents.

Allow parents to pay Camp tuition online via a link in emailed invoices. Parents love the convenience of paying online and you'll love the time-savings!

Click-to-Pay allows you to easily email parents invoices with a special Click-to-Pay smart link. Parents can make their credit/debit or e-check (ACH) payment securely and easily by just clicking the link. Our SafeSave Vault technology allows them to save even more time by securely storing the account data for re-use in our PCI-certified gateway. You are automatically notified as payments are made and you can post to the appropriate family ledger.

  • Speeds payment
  • Convenient for parents
  • No manual data entry or trips to the bank
  • FREE with your EZ-CAMP2 system!

Even payments made by check or credit card are fast and error-free using the cash receipts and Insta-Charge features.

Just select a family and confirm payment method and amount. If the payment is being done as a one-time credit card or ACH debit previously stored account data does not need to be reentered.

EZ-CAMP2 allows you to validate the deposit total before posting to the accounts and then prints your deposit slip automatically!

Camp Receipting System

Take the hassle out of fee collection! Imagine every payment made automatically on the day it is due!

EZ-EFT lets parents pre-authorize automatic Camp tuition payments from their bank account or credit/debit card. Parent account information is stored securely in a PCI-certified gateway, so you can automatically process payments based on current tuition account balances each billing cycle. Real-time processing of credit cards identifies any processing problems immediately. Payments are posted automatically to family ledgers with funds deposited directly into your designated bank account.

  • Less administrative time and cost
  • Minimize collection problems
  • Enhanced convenience for parents
  • Better security and control of funds
  • More reliable cash flow
  • No more bounced checks and bank fees

Separate tracking of security deposits and third-party payers is a snap.

EZ-CAMP2 maintains a separate ledger to store information and transactions for payers other than the parent (for example, churches, scholarships, or other family members making payments). This enables you to send one invoice to the other payer listing all transactions for all campers. Third-party payers can be sent a single invoice listing transactions for all of the campers for whom the payer is responsible.

Camp Ledger Software

Our finance tools put accurate, up-to-date financial reports at your fingertips.

    Producing tax documents is a snap!

  • Summary or detail listing of all families with outstanding balances
  • Complete transaction audit trail
  • Comprehensive reports for analyzing revenues and staying on top of receivables.

Click below to view some sample reports:

Client Testimonial

"Because we were able to customize our enrollment screens to fit our specific needs, we are able to simplify data entry and reduce errors by using picklists and checkboxes. EZ-CAMP2 has also dramatically improved the professionalism of everything we produce from reports to envelopes and mailings. The support we have received has been truly phenomenal!"

-Patrick Rowe,
Spring Lake Day Camp