Why Should You Consider the Hosted Option?

EZ-CAMP2 Hosted Solution provides a full featured, off-site install of the software and alleviates all of your IT woes. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection and a web browser

Your data is stored on a secure server with a complete install of EZ-CAMP2.

When a new version of the EZ-CAMP2 is released, your system will be automatically updated. No need to hassle with downloading and installing the latest version.

Ever forget to perform a backup of your data?

With the Hosted Solution, forgetting to backup is a non-issue. In addition to backing up the data yourself at anytime, automatic backups of your system and data are performed daily - guaranteed!

Do you have multiple locations, or want secure access from anywhere?

Your sites will be able to access the same database simultaneously from wherever they are located. Perfect if you manage multiple sites from one location, have a winter office, or a single location and just would like to access your data on trips or for those weekend emergencies.

Same software - your software - no learning curve

EZ-CAMP2 Hosted Solution is the same software you're currently using. There is no need to relearn new features or view numerous how-to videos. Every feature that is available in your local install is in the hosted solution.

EZ-CAMP2 Hosted is designed to alleviate your IT headaches and costs, automate tasks such as backups and updates, store your data on a secure server, and make your data accessible anytime, anywhere. Premium support is included with the cost so you have professional help whenever you need it.

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