EZ-CAMP2 Camp Management Software

Insta-Charge™: Online Authorization and Processing

Insta-Charge provides fully integrated credit card processing or ACH bank debit for one-time tuition payments directly from within EZ-CARE2. Just click on the credit card icon when entering a payment and fill in the parent's payment information. Insta-Charge validates the card information and authorizes the transaction in real time. The funds are then automatically sent to your designated bank account – normally within 24 hours! No need for a credit card terminal or double entry of data.

Why should my center accept credit cards?
  • Faster and easier collection of funds
  • Less administrative work
  • Convenient and popular with parents who receive perks (award points, frequent flyer miles, flex cards, etc.)
  • Better security and control of funds
  • Less data entry – parent information is automatically filled in and payment data is included in the transaction history.
  • Immediate validation of card data allows any issues (declines, etc.) to be resolved quickly and immediately.
  • Integrated process eliminates challenges of reconciling statements with payment records.
  • Secure encryption protects confidential parent data.

POS Credit Card Processing for Camp

Insta-Charge is easily accessed by clicking the credit card icon (shown above).

EZ-CAMP2 Camp Management Software

Insta-Charge™: Online Authorization and Processing

Commonly Asked Questions

How does it work?
Take payments over the phone or in person. Just click the Insta-Charge button on the desired family ledger. The parent's name, address and balance are automatically filled in. Enter the credit card or ACH bank debit information, and click submit. You will receive instant notification regarding the acceptance or decline of the card (with the reason why the card was declined, which you can share with the parent). A payment entry will automatically be made on the ledger card.

What credit cards can I accept?
Any credit or debit card that is affiliated with MasterCard and Visa. American Express, Discover, Diner's Club and JCB can also be processed once you establish a merchant account with them.

Can I use my existing credit card merchant account?
We have integrated and partnered with a leading credit card processor to provide the necessary online merchant account. Integrating with other processor merchant accounts is possible, but generally cost-prohibitive. Note that the funds collected can be deposited automatically into your existing bank account.

Is parent data protected?
The service operates on a secure server and complies with Visa/MasterCard regulations for real-time, secure credit card processing.

How do I sign up?
Call (800) 220-4111 or contact your acount manager for a demonstration of Insta-Charge and answers to all your questions.

Understanding Our Various Credit Card Processing Tools

Insta-Charge is just one method of processing credit cards offered with EZ-CARE2. Which method is best for you depends on the type of processing you prefer. Here's a general summary of the tools we offer:

Tool Primary Use Other Considerations
EZ-EFT™ Preauthorized fee collection Also provides ACH (bank account) processing
WebLink™ Parent-initiated payments Also provides forms for data collection as well as e-commerce "shopping cart"
Click-to-Pay™ Online registration forms with payment options Payments made online via "smart link" in emailed invoices
Insta-Charge™ One-time payments – staff entered Eliminates need for credit card terminal and double entry of data