EZ-CAMP2 Camp Management Software

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At a Glance


Pacific Music Camp


Stockton, CA

Business Challenge

Need to improve efficiency of registration and enrollment management and reporting


WebLink customized online forms for online registration and EZ-CAMP2 camp management software

Key Results

  • Over 50% reduction in the amount of data entry, administration and reporting time.
  • In just 2 years, over 70% of campers now register online.
  • Manage session enrollment limits online to improve professionalism, reduce over booking, and ensure the proper mix of musicians for balanced ensembles.

Now in its 61st year, Pacific Music Camp provides students with an intense one-week musical experience dedicated to the development of skills in young musicians. This past summer, over 520 student musicians and 74 faculty & staff members attended one of 5 unique camp sessions – from jazz bands to music composition.

Business Challenge

Steve Perdicaris, Operations Manager & Director, is literally a one-man band for most of the year. In the off-season, he manages all of the camp's operations and enrollment himself, as he has for over 9 years. Previously, Steve entered all the registration data by hand (into Excel spreadsheets!) – an extremely time-consuming task for a busy man. In addition, all session enrollment capacities were monitored manually, which didn't allow Steve to accurately control the mix of talent needed for ideal ensembles. That also proved inconvenient for parents who unknowingly enrolled children into closed sessions.


Steve chose SofterWare's EZ-CAMP2 Camp Management Software and its WebLink service for online registration. Families can now enroll for any of the camp's sessions online. If a session is full or, for example, they have too many clarinet players for a particular orchestra, Steve simply removes the session or instrument from the available offerings. All family & camper enrollment data, including health information and music background, is automatically downloaded directly into EZ-CAMP2 – including fee and payment information. This information is then available for sorting and filtering to produce detailed reporting and analysis.

EZ-CAMP2 Camp Management Software

WebLink & EZ-CAMP2 Reduce Administrative Effort while Enhancing Camp Management

Key Results
Accuracy & Efficiency

Steve noted, "WebLink enables parents to enter all their contact data, health information like insurance, allergies, etc., payment data if they're paying by credit card, the student's music-related information, and whether or not they qualify for a discount or scholarship." All of this infor-mation is checked for accuracy using WebLink tools, and then downloaded into EZ-CAMP2 – reducing the chance for errors and eliminating duplicate data entry.

Cost Effectiveness

"WebLink lets me capture all the information I have on our printed applications without having to input it again into EZ-CAMP2. This has enabled me to reduce by at least half the amount of time I spend on data entry and administration. It's so much better, we offer parents a $10 discount if they register online," said Steve. "They really like it. In fact, in just 2 years, we've been able to get over 70% of our parents to register online. Combined with our web site, I've also been able to reduce the number of printed brochures and applications by 1,000, which is a big cost savings."


Every camp has its unique requirements, and it's impor- tant to have management software that is robust and can adapt. In Steve's camp, those unique needs revolve around

musical skills, and WebLink & EZ-CAMP2 let him maintain that data easily. Steve noted, "With the filters and sorting EZ-CAMP2 provides, we can sort how many six graders we have who play the saxophone, where they learned, what talent level they have and other musical preferences. This type of information helps me balance out ensembles, orchestras and bands, and ensures we match the right tal- ent levels together."

"In addition, I produce a report for marketing purposes that provides a profile of our students so parents know key demographic information such as the top 10 cities and high schools we draw from, how many campers came with a friend, how many earn scholarships, what grade they're in and more. This information is very important to parents and easy for us to now put together thanks to EZ-CAMP2."


The integration of WebLink and EZ-CAMP2 has provided Steve with some powerful capabilities. "Once the data we collect online is in the system, I run reports to ensure we have the proper level of staffing, the right amount of dorm space, a good male/female ratio, etc. None of this was pos- sible with Excel. Together, EZ-CAMP2 and WebLink have provided a powerful, easy and effective tool to help manage our program better than ever."

WebLink lets me capture all the information I have on our printed applications without having to input it again into EZ-CAMP2. This has enabled me to reduce by at least half the amount of time I spend on data entry and administration.

- Steve Perdicaris, Operations Manager & Director