Are You Doing Enough to Improve Your Results?

It's very simple...people who take training become more efficient in daily tasks, save more time and have greater satisfaction with EZ-CAMP2.

How do we know? Clients have told us. We get testimonials every day from people who share their success.

They range from new clients just getting started to clients who've been with us for years. Some are looking to train new staff. Others want to know how to use the latest features, or understand how to dig deeper into their EZ-CAMP2 tool box to find more useful tools!

Training has immediate effects:

  • Billing & collection processes made easy
  • Increased and more timely communication with your parents
  • More efficient and enthused staff who can now perform common tasks in less time

Training also provides for the future:

  • Maximized enrollment management
  • Smoother transitions of new staff
  • Improved data integrity to aid in accreditation & licensing processes

What our clients have to say:

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  • client1"You guys need to go over to the training department of Procare and teach them ALL a class on customer service. It's rare these days that you actually get a company that backs up what they say they offer in customer service."

    -Marissa Taylor, Joyful Journeys

  • client4"Our trainer was great! She did a really good job of making sure to give us tips on using the system, as well as teaching to our skill and knowledge level."

    -Robin Dobbins, West Hills Baptist Preschool

  • client6"Our trainer was AWESOME! She was very thorough and fully explained everything. We want to train again with her in the future."

    -Kimberly Waitt, Summerville Baptist CDC

  • client2"It was such a pleasant experience working with our trainer. She was extremely professional and very knowledgeable about the software. She understood our organizations needs and recommended best practices. She was very diligent and patient during the training. I am looking forward to working with her again."

    -Amy Lee, City of Berkeley Parks & Recreation

  • client5"Our trainer was fantastic. She answered all of my questions and made everything easy for me. I did not feel rushed or confused and when I left the training, I was able to come home and make reports that I needed. It was a breeze!"

    -Charlotte Keaser, Southampton Summer Day Camp

Contact your client account representative today at (800) 220-4111.
Training comes in all shapes and sizes –
there's a type that fits your budget and learning style.

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Contact your client account representative today at (800)-220-4111 or online. Training comes in all shapes and sizes – there's a type that fits your budget and learning style.

Client Testimonial

"(WebLink & EZ-CAMP2) has probably reduced our workload 20 hours a week, which means we are on the phone with potential customers more, instead of dealing with those problems."

-Heather McKee, Director of Operations,
Camp Jam